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Rick Unger

Rick Unger,
"Painter of Western Life"

Born in York, Pennsylvania, Rick started his artistic life early.  Rick’s mother was amazed that, as a toddler learning to walk, he was already drawing pictures with advanced detail and accuracy!  Before his teens, Rick could paint portraits with striking accuracy, detail and in all media.  He was receiving commissions for his art work even before graduating high school.  Rick attended three years of vocational art training at the York Vocational School, other than this he is self-taught.  Some of his work is now on display in museums in Pennsylvania.  When Rick graduated, he married and moved to Texas.  Texas, with its cattle and horse ranches, was a new experience for Rick.  He felt that the life of a cowboy was a contrast to urban stress and painting cowboy life was an escape from the fast pace.

In the 80’s Rick traveled all across the United States and Canada demonstrating a graphic art technique he invented.  His venture into graphic art at this time was featured in magazines and on TV shows.  His designs have been sold nationwide by a major chain store.
In the 90’s, he came full circle back to fine art, his real passion.  In recent years, Rick’s work has been seen and sold through galleries, shows and exhibits, licensing, websites and other venues, and he has received numerous commissions for his art.

Rick’s western art is now being displayed on Leanin' Tree Greeting Cards.  He is in the process of producing a series of oil paintings called the “Ranch Hand Series,” which depicts the life and hard work of the ranch hand and farmer.   With this new series of paintings Rick is now working with Fred Hargrove a cowboy poet, western singer, and songwriter.  In the western music industry he is called a songsmith.  They together have a meld of art and music concerning the striving of the rancher and farmer to continue a way of life that keeps the cowboy alive.  Fred’s future shows of entertainment will entail Rick’s meaningful paintings along with Fred’s heartfelt original songs.

Rick is now painting the album cover to Fred’s new album “Watching Eagles Fly.”  In 2010, “My Sacred Ground,” Fred’s 2009 Album was nominated “Best Traditional Album of the Year” by the Western Music Association.  So now together they can work on getting the message across.

The most recent publication his work is in the February issue of Horse Tails, circulated in all of Nevada, Northern and Central California, and parts of Utah, and Idaho. February’s issue has a front page preview of the feature article and pictures coming out in the March issue.  The March issue will be about the meld of the two art forms oil painting and music.  As this program constantly evolves it will stay new and fresh.  His connection with Fred Hargrove is a work in progress to keep the cowboy tradition alive.

Rick has been associated with the Ranching and Farming world for about 32 years and his wife Jody has lived and worked the life from birth. She was born and raised coming from a line of ranching, farming, and cowboying. It rubbed off onto Rick and now he has gained much interest through the years.  They have had horses and raised them on a small ranch in Texas and now in Colorado.   They have been married for over 32 years and now enjoy their life together in southwest Colorado, where the beautiful San Juan Mountains are a true inspiration to both of them.